Choices, choices...

There are a huge number of types of 'Christmas' trees out there. It's all down to your own personal preference and we'll help you pick what's right for you. No needles? A sweet scent? Longer lasting? Look below at our range this year and check out the description for each one to find out more!


Our trees are based on a per foot pricing model, with trees over 10ft individually priced on the day of purchase. Best bit? No VAT! 

A Nordmann Fir Christmas tree for sale in Glasgow


The popular classic and one of the first trees to have a natural low needle drop rate. The branches are strong and the needles are large, flat and soft to the touch making it child friendly and perfect for any home!




Price: £6 per foot

A Norway Spruce Christmas tree for sale in Glasgow

A hardy tree, well suited to outdoor displays and one of the most popular variety of trees, the Norway Spruce is often used for large public displays. Plenty of water will ensure the tree lasts you well in to the new year!


Price: £4 per foot


A Fraser Fir Christmas Tree for sale in the Glasgow area

With its vertical branches the Fraser Fir is perfect for heavy decorations and adornments and if cared for properly, will happily retain its needles. It also has a traditional look and feel, with the needles being soft to the touch and it has a lovely scent.



Price: £6 per foot