Plastic fantastic?

Yes, plastic has its benefits but it has none of that true Christmas spirit. At West of Scotland Christmas Trees we're all about ensuring you have that festive feel the moment you point and say: "We'll have that one please."


The trees we provide are grown as a crop in the west of Scotland, in a completely renewable and sustainable format. This means when you buy you know that you're helping support the countryside due to the hundreds of seedlings that are planted every year.


Unlike many retailers of real Christmas trees, we don't cut down the entire crop in one go - we cut to demand, which means if the demand is low, the trees simply stay in the ground until next year! Because of this, it doesn't matter if you're first in the queue or decide to snag a last minute deal - your tree wont have been out of the ground for more than four days on average at the time of purchase. This ensures you get a fresh, healthy tree and you can give it the best start to its festive life!


A Norway Spruce Christmas Tree for sale in Glasgow

West of Scotland Christmas Trees have been trading every year in Milngavie and Mugdock for over forty years now, and our site at the West of Scotland Rugby club is well known locally for the quality of trees we provide.


We are easily accessible to local Milngavie residents and are only a short drive for those living elsewhere in the west of Glasgow.

We are also a more sustainable option in terms of carbon footprint than cheaper big brand names who ship theirs in from various parts of Europe.

The only footprint we've got is in the mud where we stood to cut the tree down!